Performance Technology is committed to enlarging the success and increasing the profits of small businesses.

Our job is providing the support each individual needs to succeed and build the level of success they want.

Our solutions evolved from working face-to-face with emerging and transitioning companies in manufacturing, retailing, biotechnology, financial services, pharmaceuticals, food service industries and networking marketing.

Over the years more and more companies have turned to Network Marketing as an important part of their business plan. We are proud to support their successful growth.

Our client list includes IBOs from Melaleuca, ASEA, Isagenix, Enagic, Amega Worldwide, Traverus, ComF5, Ameriplan, Send Out Cards, Pre-Paid Legal, Herbalife, Nuriche, Independent Energy Alliance and more.

Be A Rainmaker With Cloud Prospecting

Cloud Prospecting

What Cloud Prospecting Gives You

  • Your personal prospecting web page that will qualify individuals for your time and effort.
  • Professional support in creating effective web pages and outgoing advertisements.
  • An optional Prospect Qualification System that automates the process of sorting through your resource to find prospects interested in you and your business.
  • Approximately 32 Million contact names and addresses that you can access every month for your advertisements.
  • Access to a database of more than 1 Million genealogy listings of Network Marketers.
  • Lists of Health and Wellness consumers.
  • No long term contracts or automatic renewals.
  • No technical expertise needed. Our staff will guide you all the way.
  • Links to providers of email services and telephone auto dialers or phone burners to help with your prospecting.

Performance Technology

 Purchasing Information

Prospecting is the single most important aspect of creating the amount of income you want from your Network Marketing business. It is also the activity that is hardest for most people to do on a consistent basis. Finding high quality prospects can be a costly and unrewarding activity.

Cloud Prospecting puts you in control of the quality of your prospects. Whether your focus is prospecting for distributor affiliates or customers for your Network Marketing business you have the power of screening contacts to assure that they qualify for your time and attention.

The process is the essence of simplicity. You have access to the output of the top marketing companies that produce most of the Network Marketing and Work-From-Home lead files. This combined production totals approximately 20 Million contacts each month.

In the cloud you can have your own prospect qualification system that screens contacts using the qualifications you establish. Our professional web designers will help you design your qualification page and our staff will install the technology to deliver prospects to you the instant they submit their requests from your web based qualification system.

We have researched broadcast email services and telephone services that can help you automate your outreach efforts. The cloud describes these services and link you directly to these provider's websites.

Our support staff will provide you with assistance in creating effective outgoing advertisements.