Our Mission is to provide a meaningful source of valuable information to assist home based business operators in achieving success.  We will always try to deliver more than our clients expect.

Our mission statement reflects a simple economic principle: We cannot be successful unless our customers are successful. Our goal is to help our customers succeed by providing high quality business resources, training and educational information. Together we can do what we could not do separately.

Our Goal is to give more than our customers expect.

  • Using that philosophy for the last 25 years we have built an extensive customer list.
  • We know the Network Marketing business model can help people achieve their dreams, and enhance the living standard for them and their families.
  • We strive to help those that are new to the Industry as well as the experienced Networker.
  • We sincerely want to see our customers succeed, and we design our products to achieve that goal.

Performance Technology Partners

Dish Taylor

  • Born and raised at Vancouver BC Canada.
  • Graduated from the University of British Columbia with emphasis in business and human development.
  • First job out of college with Xerox in sales and marketing in Vancouver.
  • Currently reside and work in Santa Monica California.
Dish Taylor

Most of my background is in consulting, and training in sales and marketing. Before expanding my practice to include Network Marketing I worked as a coach and consultant to technology companies.

I am skilled in director and executive leadership development, conflict resolution, and manpower acquisition. I also worked with executive management in manpower development and retention programs, and policy development and implementation.

I also had a coaching practice working with individual entrepreneurs. The practice focused on helping them identify what was stopping them from reaching their goals and developing processes to help them move toward their goals.

Areas of interest: Watching people succeed and giving them practical tools or individual coaching that can help them reach their goals in networking marketing, or in a corporate environment.

Personal interests: Family, golfing, football, walking in nature, spiritual processes and personal development.

Ty Wapato

  • Graduated from High School at Winthrop, Washington.
  • Graduated from California State University/Los Angeles.
  • Served four years in the Engineering Squadron of a Strategic Air Command base in the United States Air Force reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant.
Ty Wapato

My background includes a General Motors position in an engineering environment emphasizing time and motion efficiency; five years on the LAPD; and 13 years with a national insurance firm managing 140 sales personnel generating more than $100 Millions in premium income.

They all required a lot of human interaction that was often intense and stressful and I gained a profound understanding of how people react to stress, and how I could help them find ways to handle it. I used that knowledge to build a consulting practice developing the leadership skills of corporate executives and managers.

I expanded into the NWM Industry to help independent distributors who need need a combination of sales, management, and leadership skills if they desire to build lasting organizations.

Areas of interest: I love sharing what I have found and watching the change it can help bring about.

Personal interests: Home, the Seattle Seahawks, golfing, working out at the gym, reading, spending quality time with friends.